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Re: Yahoo listing
From Nida Feroz on 13 June '98
adding to Re: Yahoo listing posted by Patrick

>No I didn' keep the mailing.
>To be honest I have gotten several sites listed in Yahoo! and never had any problem.
>Guess till now I've been real lucky.
>In fact I never knew people had a problem getting sites listed in Yahoo till I read the info on this web site.
>Maybe this web site is a jinx cause it was shortly after I read the info on this site that Yahoo! dropped me.
>All my other Sites are still listed however.
>>Did you keep the e-mail that you received telling you that your site was going to be listed? I have developed a friendship, if you would, with the person who sent me the notification and I have a sneaking suspicion that the person who send that e-mail is also the person that chooses the site (just a suspicion, no basis). If you did keep that message (I thought about having mine framed), I would suggest that you contact him/her and ask them.

>>>Anyone have a clue as to why Yahoo would have removed my site?
>>>Even Jim says once its there its set in stone.
>>>The site had been listed for 7 months then all of a sudden traffic to my site dropped and
>>>I checked yahoo and my site was no longer listed!
>>>Anyone know what I can do about it besides submitting it again?

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