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Re: but of coarse
From bobking at Instant indexing and the people vote on what is spam! on 14 June '98
adding to Re: but of coarse posted by Brian

You don't have enough links to your site from other sites in their database. The "other" spider
that Andrew was referring to is looking for links to your page. If it finds 100
or so you're in, if it doesn't, your at 22%.

Infoseek does not want website promoters submitting
to them. They want you paying them. This does not mean
they are placing sites with banners at the top of a
search result, they're not. But if you check
all those weird returns you think don't have anything
to do with your industry, there is a connection somewhere and my guess
is there are a lot of sites (maybe that have the same
keyword your using) that are linked to that site in the top.

I've got to hand it to Infoseek, they've done a really good job of
getting "rid" of website promoters that think just because
they are a search engine they can follow their guidelines and get placed well.
Since around the first of May, they have put a stop to that.
Those guidelines on their page are crap! And you can also
forget e-mailing them or calling them, they WILL NOT tell you anything
about the link factor.

So, now that you know, now what? IS knows that you can't charge enough or spend
enough time trying to put links on a hundred or so pages in their database
to the one page you want to place. So they know also that you are going to do
one of two things. Pay them for banner ads (are they still
charging a minimum of $2500 per month?)or find another way to
promote your site for free.

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