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R U a website promoter? Then Infoseek doesn't want your business!
From bobking at Instant indexing and the public votes on what is spam on 14 June '98
I'm fortunate to have a couple of friends in this
business that were willing to show me the light.

I too was having the same problem with IS. #2 one day --
gone the next! You can add content till your blue in the face,
you leave out meta tags or you can put a ton of them
in. It won't make any difference.

Infoseek told me on the phone that they did NOT want website promoters
using their search engine. When I asked them how I was supposed to get my
clients listed they told me "find another way to promote your sites".
I was flabbergasted. After a couple of days it sunk in.

Here's what they are doing, and I have to hand it to them, if the goal
is to stop website promoters, I think they have come up with a really good one.
The first spider will place your site pretty much like it always did, but the second
one is looking for links to that new submission from other sites in their database.
If there is not a hunddred or so -- bye bye -- it's the old 22%.

The reason this is such a good way to stop small guys is, now that you know,
now what? How are you going to find 100 pages already indexed to link from?
Even if you have that many sites in there (which I do) it takes way too long to justify
the time. Also, this makes them feel like the top returns on a search will
bring back at least popular results and they are pretty much right except for
Disney.com coming up in the top 10 under stuff
like "adult sex site".

All right, that's how they do it, now I'll tell
you what I think is the reason WHY they do it.
If all the website promoters and submission specialists
can not place on IS without spending more time than
it's worth, that only leaves us 2 choices. #1. buy their
banner ads. #2. Find another way to promote your
website than Infoseek just like the guy from IS told me to do.
My guess is that it is working. I bet they are already starting
to see their ad revenues climb from the people who feel
like IS is just too important to their web business
to do without.

There goes freedom and equal opportunity and the
whole time they have the perfect propaganda.
"It's not about the money, we're only trying to provide
better results to our searchers" BULLSH*T I think
it's about the money. Remember they just raised
over $40,000,000 on the stock market, that's
a lot of stockholders wanting to see some dividends.
Where does a guy like me fit into that picture?
I don't think I do.


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