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Re: R U a website promoter? Then Infoseek doesn't want your business!
From bobking at Searchking on 14 June '98
adding to Re: R U a website promoter? Then Infoseek doesn't want your business! posted by Max

You mean support your ability to sell Infoseek rankings? I'm
a bit cynical, but your annoyance at Infoseek's change in tactics
seems to be directly related to your ability to bill clients for
placing them high in the listings.
The web is a rapidly changing marketplace: adapt or die.
1st off I wrote Support Freedom because that's what I meant. Obviously
you see yourself as such a superior promotion artist that not
only do you not have a problem telling your clients (if you really have any personally I think you're
an IS spy)to wait 4 to 6 months to see results, you also don't seem to have a problem
knowing what other people mean to say when you read their posts.

I don't think you're cynical, I think you're just another one of those
people who think you know the way the internet is supposed to work for everyone
and you don't mind pointing out that you think you're superior.

As far as adapt or die, if you had read my post, the point was to adapt, only I
didn't judge anyone who may read it and tell
them how they were a spammer and insinuate they were trying to rip-off their clients
by swindling Infoseek. My only intention was to help clear up the issue which
a lot of people (including you according to some of your other posts here) were
confused about. I was trying to help. Of course now I can see
that you only create such high quality pages that getting hundreds of
links to your pages is not a problem. I guess you have exposed my lack of ability
because the majority of my clients expect to pay me for results and I'm not as good a
salesman as you seem to be, because I don't know how to
sell them the idea of waiting 6 months to justify paying me to assist them in promoting
their site. If you're really wanting to be a friend to the professional website
promotion industry, why not share some of your sales secrets.

I've been a professional website promoter for about 18 months now and I don't spam
the engines, but I do stay very aware of their policies and changes. I resent you
implying that just because I was able to "figure out" what they were looking for
that makes me a spammer and less deserving of your (or anyone else's) respect.
I and most of the people I know in this industry are professional, responsible
and honest. We work very hard to represent our clients they way that will help
make them successful and I have made it an objective of mine to do everything I can to
change people's attitude about this industry. I don't think I'll have much luck
with you because I don't think your open-minded enough to see when someone is trying to help
and you judge them as being a spammer based on your own standards.

Whether anyone likes it or not, the internet is going to be driven by commerce, which was the point of my
post. That includes Infoseek. I support e-commerce and as long as search engines play a major
role in that commerce, there are going to be submission specialists. I think that does not have to have
anything to do with spamming, it has to do with honesty and professionalism and it will only get better
when people realize that the net is all about freedom. Not having one person tell a lot of other people
how it is supposed to be done, but more when people start thinking more in terms of what is possible to accomplish.

Finally, you said it's not that hard to get hundreds of people to link to your site, WHAT? That one I don't get.
You mentioned two pages, if you have two clients that pay $5,000 to $10,000 per month each, I could see where
that would work. Was that really your suggestion to try to "help"? If you think that Infoseek deciding who gets to advertise
what and where and how is really the way the net is supposed to work, then I can only assume you have stock in IS or some
reason to support them in their decision to exclude the majority of website promoters (except you of course).
I still think that if we don't try to keep the internet as free as possible, we will all lose eventually.


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