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Infoseek ranking & status change...
From Brainwipe at Intellnet Limited on 15 June '98
I hope this will help some of you...
Im prety new to this site, and ive just been
looking through some of the info (very useful
cheerz jim!) and scanning back through some of
the old Bulletin Board messages and I noticed
that there were a few references to people
having sites that "ranked highly one day and
were about rank 200 the next!".
Well I have a plauseable explanation...
If you pay close attention to the content of
the infoseek URL submission page you should
notice the reference to resubmissions...
Although the actual wording has changed slightly
a few times, the point is that infoseek will
always accept resubmissions of the same URL
every 24 hours (with NO penalty)...
I beleive the slippage in rank of a sight
that has been noted by a few of you is done
dilibaratly by infoseek to ensure that the
top ranked sights on any keyword search are
recent sites (or sites that the developers are
taking a lot of effort over).
The only way to ensure a constant good placing
on infoseek is to resubmit the URL EVERY 24 HOURS

Please note this is only a theroy
I am working on a little program to run on
our servers that will resubmit a URL to
infoseek automatically every 24 hours, I will
let you know if this does produce any significant

Regards from
Paul Berry
Intellnet Ltd

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