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Re: Keywords Said to violate Trademark
From Max on 15 June '98
adding to Keywords Said to violate Trademark posted by Baz

>Article in CNet news pages - at the above link

See the above link for the current cases at a major law school.
They have an entire site on CyberLaw.

Playboy has been actively seeking and destroying sites
that use the words Playboy, Playmate, etc. without
authorization in a context that would tend to make the
the visitor think the site was connected with the magazine.
They've lost one case: an ex-Playmate of the Year was sued,
and the courts found that she was entitled to use the terms
in her site advertising and keywords because it was TRUE.

Using another company's name to attract traffic to your site
would be considered "falsification of identity" in this state,
and it's a low-grade felony as well as a civil violation under
a couple of other statutes.

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