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Re: target="window" Are you penalized?
From Max on 15 June '98
adding to target="window" Are you penalized? posted by galaca

>Jim and Max,,,great site!
It's Jim's site. I just hang out here 'cause I'm too old for the mall and too young for the
senior center. :)

>Question: If I use a to link off my site, will I get penalized with the search engines?
No. They WILL follow the link eventually, but linking to other sites is a neutral thing.

>ps: I still have to work on my metatags to get a higher ranking......any suggestions?

It's structure too: to get more relevance, move the links to weather, TV, etc to below your introductory
paragraphs. Looking at the source code, it's a long way before I see much about the real topic.

Use real heading tags instead of font sizes to force big text. I'm still testing this, but the ancestors of the modern
robots relied heavily on the tags to tell what was important. I'm assuming they still do until I can prove otherwise.

(meta name="keywords" content="haverhill, massachusetts, haverhill massachusetts, great, race, greatrace, england, florida, history, iowa, kansas, england, new hampshire, photo, photography, pictures, tour, picture tour, sew, sewing machine, vacuums. vaccums, vacuum cleaners, repair, wee, bit, o, o', blarney, wee bit o' blarney, historic district, antiques, automobiles, cars, rally, community, information, guide, genealogy, businesses, links, mva, mva network, davis,")
Keywords are too long, and that dilutes their power.
Stick to the critical few words: "haverhill massachusetts MA great race" (If I read the site right, that's your real subject)

You have a quotation mark half-way through your description - that will chop it off.
Shorten it to the critical elements: "Haverhill, Massachusetts Community Information and Guide. Home of the Great Race. Includes a picture tour and town history."

You also have a comment field above the [html] tag at the top of the page. I'm not sure what that would do, but deleting it won't hurt and might help.

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