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Re: R U a website promoter? Then Infoseek doesn't want your business!
From bobking at Searchking on 15 June '98
adding to Re: R U a website promoter? Then Infoseek doesn't want your business! posted by Max

Hi Max. First I would like to say I'm sorry to you personally.
After reading your response I realize I was too harsh. I think we're
both suffering from the limitations of the typed word as opposed to
face to face conversation. I see now that we are not on opposing teams
but are actually comrades in arms.

I'm not uspset with Infoseek at all. I agree, it's their engine and
they can do whatever they like with it. I hate the thought of all the
extra work but that's just business. I also hate the fact that Infoseek
sees us as a problem rather than a solution. That was the only reason I
made the comments to you that I did, because my goal is to gain respect
for the web site promotion industry and to change the misconception that
anyone who promotes a website is trying to spam the engines. Anyway, I'm sorry
and see now that you are every bit the professional.

To answer your question. On the second index they don't drop you from the index,
they simply assign a 22% relevancy. It appears that the more links to the site you have
the higher the percentage ranking. It's still new enough that I haven't had time to
have any solid answers as to how many links = what percentage, but I seem to be getting closer.
So far it looks to me like the magic number is around 100, but of course it will depend
on the popularity of the keyword. Home based business will probably take more links than
chinese cooking ware. Remember though, if a site has links to your new page but is not indexed
on IS it doesn't work. In other words, if a lot of sites are in Yahoo but not IS then they aren't
reading Yahoos' database only thier own. So it has to be links from pages within Infoseek, which
shouldn't be a big problem since their database is very large.

Good Luck

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