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Re: Infoseek ranking & status change...
From Ronny Skog on 15 June '98
adding to Infoseek ranking & status change... posted by Brainwipe

> I am working on a little program to run on
>our servers that will resubmit a URL to
>infoseek automatically every 24 hours, I willlet you know if this does produce any significant

I believe the results might be that your site get banned after a while. Looking at it from Infoseeks point of view: If all webmasters did resubmit their sites every day just in order to achieve higher rankings that would put a incredible amount of pressure on the spider slowing down the spidering of new sites and sites which content has really changed.

Infoseek is fighting all kinds of spam this days and hit hard on everyone they think are trying to spam their index. I wouldn't take any chances... :-)

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