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Re: Is your site infested with graphics parasites?
From Jeffrey Thrower on 16 June '98
adding to Is your site infested with graphics parasites? posted by Max

This is along the lines of putting text on
your images:---I'm telling you now, to do this
only to a parasite whose author is purposely
defying your requests to quit linking images---
and if you are willing to temporarily stoop to thier
level in order to lighten the load on your site,
then you could put profanity, demeaning
sentences, or even childish namecalling!(i.e.
the author of this site is a _____ who doesn't
know his/her______ from his/her_______!)
I do think the advertisment of your site is
a better way of going with things, though.
And althoughI'm sure that you have already
thought of these ideas before you read this
message, I mainly wrote it to tell you that
you're not the only one who wants to make a
parasites life a living you-know-what! Of
course, you'd wan't to warn them or tell them
that you will take some sort of action. You
can even tell them what you are going to do,
but I personally wouldn't tell them that I'd
swap the images around, I'd only tell them
to get thier linked images off of thier site,

The trick that follows will more than likely
cath them off guard. Again, I'd only do this
if I already told them to take care of the
linked images.[Here it goes] The key is
TIMING. You want to do the swapping, or
whatever around a holiday. The reason for this
should be obvious, but if it's not then I guess
I'll have to tell you. Chances are, the
parasite authors have out of state family,
or stuff like that, which make it very hard
for them to update it immediately. The way I
see it, if you want to do this, you want to
make sure that it won't happen again, and
therefore you either attemt to redirect the
traffic, or insult the author, or the surfers.

Also, NEVER,(I'll say it again)NEVER, use the
name-calling or profanity tactic AND say
something like" by the way, you should go to
this site!" Because when they see the many
insults, and then a reference to another site,
people might associate the two pages, and
think that they are basically the same.

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