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Re: Infoseek ranking & status change...
From Brainwipe at Intellnet Limited on 16 June '98
adding to Re: Infoseek ranking & status change... posted by Ronny Skog

>I believe the results might be that your site get banned after a while. Looking at it from Infoseeks point of view: If all webmasters did resubmit their sites every day just in order to achieve higher rankings that would put a incredible amount of pressure on the spider slowing down the spidering of new sites and sites which content has really changed.

>Infoseek is fighting all kinds of spam this days and hit hard on everyone they think are trying to spam their index. I wouldn't take any chances... :-)

Ok, very good point :->
Still some users have said that their sites
lost positions very quickly, maybee I should
work on the smae program but with a longer
gap between resubmissions, (any comments?)

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