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Re: Infoseek ranking & status change...
From Max on 16 June '98
adding to Re: Infoseek ranking & status change... posted by Brainwipe

>Ok, very good point :->
And it's far easier to end up in the black-list than to get out of it.

>Still some users have said that their sites
>lost positions very quickly,
There seems to be a "reclassifier-bot" that checks submissions 24-48 hours after they first show up. To heck with the
original ranking, it's the second cut you need to worry about. If you spend MORE time working on content and finding
reciprocal links from well-ranked sites, you don't have to do the continous search engine games. Up to half your traffic
can come from someone else's sites if you get the reciprocal links.
Look at ranking as a long-term process ... you've moved your business to a new town and you have to build it.

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