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Re: Keyword Density? Didn't work
From Ronny Skog on 16 June '98
adding to Keyword Density? Didn't work posted by JJ

Keyword density is hard to figure out.... The different engines likes different keyword density. Some engines counts keywords in comment tags, alt tags, headers, reference links ect. Others don`t (or counts only some of the tags). Some count plurals and non plurals, upperchase and lowerchase keywords the same. Others don`t. Then the question is are you goung to calculate only visible text or all the coding/hidden tags?

When analysing top ranked pages, keep in mind they might have changed since submittion. Also there may be huge differences in the keyword density between the top 3 pages in a spesific keywordsearch.

Then it is a lot of other factors, where the keywords are located at the page, number of links to the site in question, how long it has been indexed ect.

I have just began to looking into this calculating of keyword densety. Think I have a huge job in front of me before I get the "secret formula" :-)

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