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Re: Keyword Density? Didn't work
From Peter at Colloidal Silver - Nature's Forgotten Antibiotic on 16 June '98
adding to Keyword Density? Didn't work posted by JJ

>I created a site and used only one keyword in the text. I am not even in the top 100 under my keyword

I did the same thing and came up with the same results. I was wondering myself what the problem could be. One day while looking around the VirtualPromote.com search engine forums, I noticed someone say that someone else's page was TOO SHORT for most search engines. Could this be? I suppose I could understand the logic in that. Perhaps if a document was less than 15 words or so (just a guess) the search engine figures it's some sort of trick to boost keyword density and penalizes it. I could be totally wrong, though. Any ideas on this?

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