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How long should I wait
From paul on 16 June '98
Fof some reason I can't get my pages
listed on the " three " Exicte, Webcrawler
and Magellan. I have been writting the
webmaster at Exicte. I was told that
they have been having harware problems
but should corrected soon. Then 6 of my
30 sites were listed. I then again sent
an E-mail to the webmaster. I was told
the other 24 didn't post because there
was not enough text. see http://www.paulonline.com/isdnmodem.htm ( example ) Of couse this is a page that leads to my main page, but it has text. Should I jet keep submitting every week until they're there? I ran them all thought the Spider last week. How long should I wait before I send them again?
Thanks, Pau

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