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Re: How long should I wait
From Max on 16 June '98
adding to How long should I wait posted by paul

>see http://www.paulonline.com/isdnmodem.htm ( example ) Of couse this is a page that leads to my main page, but it has text.

They have an uncanny way of detecting feeder pages - probably because they exist in isolation, and have their links pointing
the wrong way. Why not just make your "main" page the best page you can, dump the frames so the robots can do a proper job. If
it weren't for the frames, and the too-long and too-many duplicates in your index page, you'd do better.

>Should I jet keep submitting every week until they're there? I ran them all thought the Spider last week. How long should I wait before I send them again?
You run the risk of getting penalized for perpetual submissions.

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