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Re: Off Web Promotion Of Websites.
From Brainwipe at Intellnet Limited on 17 June '98
adding to Re: Off Web Promotion Of Websites. posted by Max

Yep I always advise our clients to put their
URL on their business cards. Max is right
thou... make sure the printers have the URL
correct, or you'll find yourself paying out to
have it all printed again (I know of one person
who has had this problem!)

We currently do not have any strong off-web
advertising capability, although we do employ
the following web/off-web methods.
1) We have a free SMS gateway to UK mobile phones
2) We Have a free mail service to any UK address
3) We have a free fax service to any UK fax machine
These techniques do help us promote off-web.
Part of the SMS message is reserved for promoting
a URL, the fax has a footer used to promote a site
or service, and we include advertising material with
the letter.
All these services are however web based and
rely on users taking advantage of the free service
offered from the websites...

Although new (we've had them for about 1 month
but they have only more recently been properly debuged
and made public) the sms service seems to be taking off
quite well...

I'll put up a posting end of July (for anyone interested
in how well this works out) on this board, and try to include
relevant costs as well...
Currently we are only promoting ourselfs but we have
had some interest in people purchacing the advertising

We still however are looking for information on
better ways to promote off-web through other media.
Idealy to a reasonably targeted audience, random
mail shots are all very well but theres going to
be a lot af wasted expence (it will go to alot of
uninterested people, and some who may be interested
are more than likly, if there anything like me, to
throw it in the bin with the rest of the junk mail!)

No offence by the way, but I find 1 to 2 sales per
20 or so randomly mailed people to be an almost
impossible figure... or at least very lucky! Is he
still doing it? and is it still working?

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