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Re: The goods on Hotbot's spider
From Laurel Eby at Excel Translations on 17 June '98
adding to Re: The goods on Hotbot's spider posted by Ronny Skog

>From the HotBot help file:

>"My page has changed / moved. How do I get it updated in your index? HotBot updates its entire database regularly. Your pages should be updated within two weeks, or you can request a quicker update by adding the URL of the changed page to HotBot. See How can I get my pages into HotBot? for more information."

>In my experience the spider never re index after 2-3 weeks. I have a 404 page in their index witch has been there for about tree months! One of my other (valid) pages appear 3 times in the results.

I know! My dead URLs have been in their index for months! I don't think they really know themselves what's going on.

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