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Re: Multiple sites, multiple listings?
From Wayne Mumford at Frontier Filmworks on 03 April '98
adding to Re: Multiple sites, multiple listings? posted by Kevin Hesson

>>I have a site that is primarily a commercial site
>>but it also has a personal projects section that is
>>basically meant to be informative but is also a
>>draw to my commercial section.

>>After looking at Jim's recommendations for registering
>>sites, especially in the kingdom of Yahoo! I began to
>>wonder if I shouldn't break the sites in two and
>>register them as seperate sites and as a result gain
>>the benefit of getting twice the exposure?


>I have been in the same boat with one of my clients where they split their site, and Yahoo replied via e-mail that the reason they chose not to add the second site was because they believed them both to be under the same COMPANY. I was a little furious that some Yahooligan had the nerve to make such a decision since the sites were entirely different, but they didn't list it. As for splitting up your site with regard to everyone else(non directory type services such as Yahoo) I say DEFINATELY. Many people don't know that submitting your site to some of the search engines with, and then without, the http:// or www. can get you the equiv. of multiple listings. So if you are willing to do the extra domain name, focus on getting a name that will get you ranked well with Yahoo, in other words- look at Yahoo, decide what two catagories you would like to be in, then look for a domain name that will put you right where you want to be. With just a little care, you can easily pull this whole thing off...even with Yahoo.


Thanks for your reply to my question. You sort of lost me on a couple spots.
"non directory type services" are? Does this mean that if I break out the one site
into to seperate sites in two seperate folders within my main folder (ie;"public etc.")
that certain parties will be able to ferret them out?
So if I add another level to the hierarchy they will still put the pieces together?

I can register with the http: once and then go back and drop it and just use the www.
and reregister at that level and it will result as a multiple list? That would be easy enough.

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