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Re: Off Web Promotion Of Websites.
From Patrick on 17 June '98
adding to Re: Off Web Promotion Of Websites. posted by Peter

>>Does anyone have any usefull contacts, advice
>>or warnings about promoting websites from
>>non-web sources, e.g. papers, radio, magazeens
>>etc. etc. etc...

>>All help greatfuly recieved
>> Brainwipe.


>I was recently discussing this with a friend of mine and he told me that he randomly picks people from the phone book and mails them a paper. He told me that for every 20 or so people he mailed, one or two signed up. I found those numbers to be amazing! The service he is offering is web hosting. I found it hard to believe that 1 or 2 out of 20 random people would be interested in web hosting, but I suppose it's possible. I guess this would only work if your product or service is interesting enough to warrant random mailings.

>And as for postage costs. He said it costs him around $6.50 for 20 mailings, so it easily pays for itself if he gets even one person to sign up.

>Personally, I don't think I would do it just yet, because I don't think I would get the same responce. But I thought I would post the idea anyway.

I did a mailing about a year ago. I trageted 2 differnt business types, sent out 300 letters and got 1 reply.
If anyone has anyother experience as far as doing direct mail to solicite business for web page design or hosting I'd be interested in what kind of results they got.

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