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Re: The Value of Straight Code ...
From Max on 18 June '98
adding to Re: The Value of Straight Code ... posted by Nicholas

> required attribute "ALT" not specified

>Huh? Since when are ALT tags required?
Remember it's the W3ORG's checker :) theirs
would be expected to be the most demanding.

You should have ALT tags on EVERY image, even if you just
use ALT="" to make the image icon vanish for people who
have images disabled. Otherwise you see [image] all over the
page and it's ugly!

Who browses with images off - besides robots? I do because it's
faster without the graphics clutter. A stable percentage of visitors
do: at a large commercial we still observe that the technical areas
get more requests for pages than graphics on those pages. It's been
at 30% graphics-disabled since the site opened three years ago.
The general interest part of that site, as you would expect, gets
fewer visitors who have turned off the graphics on their browser, but
it's still hovering around 10%.
NOTE: these are hits from browsers that COULD get the pictures, but
don't ... the conclusion being that the feature has been deliberately
disabled by the user.

So, rather than be unhospitable to these visitors, we design the pages
to be 100% usable without the pretty pictures.

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