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Re: The Value of Straight Code ...
From Nicholas on 18 June '98
adding to Re: The Value of Straight Code ... posted by Max

>>Huh? Since when are ALT tags required?
> Remember it's the W3ORG's checker :) theirs
>would be expected to be the most demanding.

Gotcha. Thanks.

> You should have ALT tags on EVERY image, even if you just
>use ALT="" to make the image icon vanish for people who
>have images disabled. Otherwise you see [image] all over the
>page and it's ugly!

This one puzzles me. I check my pages with
Image Off in Navigator 3.0, but - having just
added ALT="" to all my smaller images such
as line spacers, it doesn't seem to make
much difference. With or without the ALT tag,
a spacer shows
up as a faint grey vertical line.

Likewise bullets are still little outlined
squares. Neither one are large enough for
people to see the image icon.

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