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Re: Jim, are your meta keywords and body loading up to date?
From Jim on 18 June '98
adding to Jim, are your meta keywords and body loading up to date? posted by Nicholas

>Can we judge what level of META keyword
>loading is presently acceptable to the
>search engine administrators just by checking
>the source HTML on the deadlock.com pages?

>Ditto on the (!--repeat keywords in BODY--)?

The answer should be yes, but in fact I'm too busy
preaching to practise these days... ahem...

Each engine differs as to what they'll accept/penalise,
but 3 repetitions is generally accepted to be
reasonable enough to get relevance whilst avoiding

A note here: this site is not generally a good
example of robot-driven search engine strategies
because it's a "mature" site and now gets 90% of
its traffic by word-of-mouth, links from other
sites and Yahoo, none of which require META tag
tweaking and suchlike. In the beginning it was
very important for me to do all this stuff, but
as time goes on it becomes less important.

For example, any keyword-loading on this site
would be entirely irrelevant on Infoseek because
I have one of those checkmark things that always
puts this site on page one for many promotion-
related keywords (I know this from my logs).
Lucky old me, eh?

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