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Yahoo! Algorithms
From Jim on 18 June '98
adding to Re: A question for Max the Algorithm Man posted by Max

Here's an addendum:

To answer Nicholas' question, Yahoo! does not
index ANY information on any site whatsoever.
They index words from the actual listings on
THEIR site. Their algorithms are much simpler
than the robot-driven engines, and much easier
to work out too.

Keyword repetition is irrelevant on Yahoo! The
first thing picked out is the category, so if
somebody searches for 'clocks' and you're in
the first category (alphabetically) on Yahoo!
that contains the word 'clocks' then you're in
a great position because most people will enter
that category before looking furhter down the
search results.

Second, if a category isn't found containing the
keyword, the next best place to have your keyword
is in the title of your listing (note: NOT the
title of your Web site).

Third, if you have the keyword in the description
of your listing, that's the next best thing.

Fourth - and we're getting on to the obscure keywords
now - if the URL you submit to Yahoo! contains the
keyword, your listing will show.

Fifth, and last, if Yahoo! can't find the keyword
anywhere on any listing on the Yahoo! site, it
defaults to Alta Vista.

I'm not giving you any secrets here. You cna easily
see all this happening by doing a few searches on
Yahoo! It's plain to see.

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