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Bookmarks: people have moved on to better methods
From Jim on 18 June '98
adding to Do "Bookmark this page!" advisories work? Anyone done a controlled test? posted by Nicholas

I think the reason that nobody's shouting about
bookmarks any more is because they've discovered
more sophisticated ways of bringing people back
to their sites.

The first thing was Netmind, which itself has
become more sophisticated. They ask subscribers
for everything but their inside leg measurements
these days, and until recently they were allowing
webmasters to access these very in-depth reports
on their own subscribers, but the system broke down
a few weeks ago. I don't know if they've fixed it
yet because I've stopped using it since I moved on
to the third generation of visitor-magnets: opt-in
mailing lists.

Does an opt-in mailing list build repeat traffic? Yes.
Is it the traffic you want? YES!
Does it build sales? *** YES!!! ***

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