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Re: Same META tags on all site pages.
From Robert Strakovits at Surfpromote (German) on 13 April '98
adding to Re: Same META tags on all site pages. posted by Max Khat

>FYI: The optimum length for keywords is far less
>than 200 WORDS (200 characters is one engine's limit,
>and 255 characters it the usual limit).

Where do you get this info from? As far as
I know you can put up to 1024 (1000 to be
safe) as keywords. With this number of chars
I submit to Infoseek and the site is
accepted, mind I think Infoseek takes
their main stuff from the actual body of
text. So it's wise to have as man keywords
in the body text AND especially in the
H1, H2 etc. tags. This really counts more
than keywords in the metas. ok?
God bless. Robert Strakovits

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