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From Jim on 18 June '98
adding to Re: R U a website promoter? Then Infoseek doesn't want your business! posted by bobking

Hi Bob,

I've only just got around to reading this thread,
but I do have something relevant to add to it,
and I'm sure Max won't mind me mentioning it.

"How to get clients without offering results?"

The answer is
that potential clients are less interested in
promises (which run the risk of being empty)
than you think they are. In my experience they're
far more likely to part with their money if you
can show them you know what you're talking about,
and that means showing them *previous* experience,
not the promise of (as yet invisible) future results.

Over the past year or so I've attracted many
consulting clients, too many in fact, which is
why, a few days ago, I took on board a new
consulting partner..... guess who?

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