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Re: Second URL
From Jim on 18 June '98
adding to Second URL posted by Zane Kori

Yes, ou could potentially "double your hits"
but only if you treat them as two separate
sites. If both sites are identical, the (very
sophisticated these days) search engine robots
will realise they're the same site and only give
you on listing per page, not two.

Last year you would have been able to see this in
action on Alta Vista because many listings had tow,
three, or even more URLs listed beneath the same
title/description. Now they've dispensed with the
URLs you can't see this working any more, but
you can bet the indexing still works the same,
behind closed doors.

Contrary to the other posting on this thread, you
won't get penalised for having the same site on two
domains, apart from the limitations I've just described.

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