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Re: Joining the fray
From Bobking at Searchking on 18 June '98
adding to Joining the fray posted by Jim

Hello Jim. Thanks for the insight,but there really
isn't much of a fray to join. After just a couple of posts
I think you have probably made a very wise decision in regards
to your selection of a partner.

As a submission specialist for almost 2 years with over 300 clients
myself, I too rely heavily on my past successes to "sell" clients
and maybe it's just a difference in the clietele we target, but I find
that most of my prospects are more interested in what I can do for
them rather than what I have done for someone else in the past.

I think the reason we are both successful is because of our honesty
and professionalism. I too go to great lengths not to oversell my service,
but I feel that new clients are expecting results.

The point of the post I made about IS was meant in the spirit of help. I know
there has been a lot of frustration recently due to IS placing a site only to have it
disappear a day or two later, and through my contacts and personal research
I felt I could maybe help clear up some of the frustration, that's all.

I was also hoping to get a discussion started that would focus more on what if
the major search engines are going to take some kind of action to make it difficult
to figure out the boundaries, then I was interested in hearing some ideas on how
we as a web site promotion industry are going to deal with it.

It would seem to me that any time an engine as important as IS makes a major policy
change, then the promotion industry is going to have to make a change as well. Even though I haven't
been very active in this forum for the last couple of months, I have always had the highest
respect for you and your forum. I feel it is one of the best on the net and if there was a
place to get a "feel" for what direction the industry was going to take this would be a good place to
get the scoop a little ahead of the rest of the pack.

Good luck to you both and I hope this post may get some positive responses.

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