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Why don't you use it to your benefit?
From Michelle McIntosh at Uno Mas! Down Syndrome Online on 18 June '98
adding to The goods on Hotbot's spider posted by Laurel Eby

If a dead link is just sitting there, indexed for all the world to see... why don't you replace the that page with something "live" that you DO want searchers to find? If it is listed in a search engine, take advantage of it!! How hard would it be to make a little detour (with the very same name as your dead-link) that sent someone to the very page you most wanted the world to see (like an order form!)? For God's sake, why would you ask them to REMOVE something that might send traffice to your site?? Make a great page, name it old-dead-link.html and use it to your advantage!! Sorry to be bossy..but it's just a thought!

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