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Re: Indexing non-submitted pages
From Jim on 19 June '98
adding to Re: Indexing non-submitted pages posted by Damon Lightley

>Because if I have got 30+ pages to submit,
>that's going to take up a great deal of time

About 5 minutes with Promotion Artist software:


You did leave yourself open to that one ;-)

>I was just thinking laterally, and wanted
>to know if the idea of just submitting the
>home page which had links to my doorway page
>was feasible. This way I would only have to
>submit one page and then wait for the search
>engine to eventaully spider the whole site
>and store the other pages in its index.

Sure, if you believe what they say, the whole
site would get indexed... eventually... maybe...

Most people wouldn't leave it to chance, it's
normal practice to submit all your pages, that
way you leave nothing to chance.

>Also with certain search engines namely
>WebCrawler and Excite (which both have the
>same search algorithms) they can easily
>detect submitted doorway pages because of
>the small amount of text on a page, and I
>know you will advise me to lenghthen the
>text, but at the end of the day I am looking
>of ways of reducing the amount of time I
>have to spend on promoting my site within
>the various search engines.

You quite obviously need Promotion Artist and
Webposition, which will save you countless hours
of time. Why don't you try them, they both have
unlimited trial periods.

>So is the idea possible Jim - will the search
>engine index those doorway pages even if I
>don't individually submit them

You want the realistic answer? No.

>and could the
>be found against a search phrase?

That's an entirely different question.

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