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Re: Why don't you use it to your benefit?
From Laurel Eby at Excel Translations on 19 June '98
adding to Re: Why don't you use it to your benefit? posted by Max

Actually, I've already done that for several of the dead pages, but we have dozens indexed on Hotbot (we totally reorganized our site recently), and it's a pain in the butt to create a redirect for every single dead URL, plus I'd like to get rid of these pages eventually, and if I put content on them, they'll never be deleted from the index.

Another reason I thought this e-mail from Hotbot was interesting was because it raises the question of what to do if you update or change your site and want it reindexed -- submitting it to Hotbot won't do any good, because the spider will see it's already in the index and not index it again.

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