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lowercase *IS* better than UPPERCASE
From Jim on 20 June '98
adding to Re: Let me rephrase that a bit posted by Still not convinced

>>The UPPER/lowercase issue is analysed in the Despatch
>>(February issue, I think).

>Sure, I read the dispatch - that's the reason for this post.
>I'm still not convinced...from Alta Vista's search help:

>When in doubt, use lowercase text in your searches.

So we've established that Alta Vista is telling people
to use lowercase in their searches...

>When you use lowercase text, the search service finds both upper and
>lowercase results. When you use upper case text, the search service
>finds only upper case.

>Example: When you search for paris, you'll find Paris,
>paris, and PARIS in your result pages. However, when you
>search for Paris, you'll only see Paris in the result pages.

>That means a search term with ANY capital letter will not match your lowercase meta tags (at least in Alta Vista).
>Therefore a search for "Bill Clinton" would not match a meta tag "bill clinton."

You're not taking RELEVANCY into consideration (the Golden Rule
of search engine positioning).

Let's say you use UPPERCASE on your site in order to catch searches for
both lower and UPPER cases.

Now let's be generous and say that 5% of users type their search strings
in UPPERCASE. So, 5% of the time you'll have a really great listing for
your chosen keywords. So far so good.

Now let's take the other 95% of users who use lowercase. Now, your site
will appear on all searches for your keyword, sure, but it'll be buried
on page ten, below all the other sites using that keyword in lowercase,
to match both the keyword *AND* the case sensitivity.

Now are you convinced?

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