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Yahoo registering - first page - I think I am in trouble!!
From bradley blinn on 20 June '98

Oh boy, I think I may have a problem. In a couple of months, I will be obtaining my own domain name, so right now I am trying to learn how to produce good search results.

The main focus of my website is going to be fundraising.

So, I have been researching the competition and seeing how their web sites rank with the search engines and Yahoo....

Here is my question (and some info to help you follow along):

If you go to www.yahoo.com and type in the word "fundraising" you will get the following results: (Please take note of the 9 companies and where they are listed) I copied the below information right from Yahoo.

***(please find my little note - that is where I want to be listed)

Yahoo! Category Matches   (1 - 2 of 2)

Business and Economy: Companies: Fund Raising

Regional: Countries: Canada: Provinces and Territories: Ontario: Cities: Ottawa: Business: Companies: Fundraising

Yahoo! Site Matches   (1 - 18 of 316)

Business and Economy: Companies: Fund Raising

* Fundraising Bazaar - over 50 independent fundraising vendors at one site. Organizations of all types and sizes can find the product or service that best fits their needs.


* L&P Fundraising - specializing in school, church, and group candy fundraising.

* Money Tree Fundraising - fundraising solutions for schools, churches, scouts, and little league.

* Skybolt Online Fundraising - fundraising services and products.

* Fundraising Auction Guide - Turns the auction business from an unexplainable mystery into a predictable science.

* American Highschool Fundraising

* Jackson Candy Fundraising - raise funds by selling brand name products including M&M Mars, Hershey's and Nabisco products.

* Bob Moody, Fundraising Consultant

* Mars Fundraising - Home of the Mars chocolate mint cheesecake and our recipe of the month.

Health: Diseases and Conditions: Leukemia: Benefits

My website is in direct competition with The Fundraising Bazaar and another site listed there

My question is how do I get my site listed alongside these 9 other companies??? What do I need to do? Is it possible to get my website listed with those other 9? If so, how? I REALLY need your help.

I know I could probably get listed on other pages underneath the category heading of Business and Economy: Companies: Fund Raising, but I would like to see the site on this first page of search results.

Someone mentioned to me that they tried to register their website among those other nine, but they said Yahoo was not accepting any more listings there. Is that true?

If You don't quite understand what I am looking for, please email me at: Fundraise@aol.com......I look forward to your email....If you post here, please make sure you also send me an email!!!!!!!!


Bradley Blinn

(if you can't understand things, please go to www.yahoo.com and type in the word "fundraising" (without the quotation marks)... That is the page where I want to be listed with the other 9 companies.)

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