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Re: Yahoo registering - first page - I think I am in trouble!!
From Bradley on 20 June '98
adding to Re: Yahoo registering - first page - I think I am in trouble!! posted by Jim

>To get listed in your requested spot, go to that category and
>click "Add URL", it's as simple as that. Whether you actually
>get given the listing depends on whether the Yahoo! staff like
>your site or not.

Hey!! Thank you for your help.....I appreciate that....it seems that we are at the mercy of Yahoo.......would it be wise to write a kind message when submitting your URL link and say "would you please put me here?" - or is that to shoot me in the foot?

>Within the category, in order to end up in your chosen spot,
>the title of your listing must begin with a letter between 'F'
>and 'L' alphabetically.

>>If you post here, please make sure you also send me an email!!!!!!!!

>What did your last slave die of?

Ha ha!!! funny funny.....thanks for the reply..appreciate the help....I'm gonna post another message regarding Frontpage......would appreciate your assistance with that.....

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