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My website - created with Frontpage 98 - your critique
From Bradley Blinn at The Fundraising Bank on 20 June '98

After reviewing a couple of messages posted on this board, I have come to wonder if my website that I have created with Microsoft Frontpage '98 is going to register well with the search engines....I don't know a whole lot of programming (that's why I used Frontpage), but I was wondering if someone would critique the source code to determine if the HTML is going to be search engine-friendly.

If you could provide me with any advice, I would greatly appreciate it!! Perhaps you could post what I could do to make it better....Again, the URL address is:


This site is going to be moving to its own domain, so I am looking to make sure everything is good and ready for the various search engines.. If you could provide me with any advice, suggestions, feedback, I would greatly appreciate it.


Bradley Blinn

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