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Re: lowercase *IS* better than UPPERCASE
From more convinced on 20 June '98
adding to lowercase *IS* better than UPPERCASE posted by Jim

>>>The UPPER/lowercase issue is analysed in the Despatch
>>>(February issue, I think).

>>Sure, I read the dispatch - that's the reason for this post.
>>I'm still not convinced...from Alta Vista's search help:

>>When in doubt, use lowercase text in your searches.

>So we've established that Alta Vista is telling people
>to use lowercase in their searches...

>>When you use lowercase text, the search service finds both upper and
>>lowercase results. When you use upper case text, the search service
>>finds only upper case.

>>Example: When you search for paris, you'll find Paris,
>>paris, and PARIS in your result pages. However, when you
>>search for Paris, you'll only see Paris in the result pages.

>>That means a search term with ANY capital letter will not match your lowercase meta tags (at least in Alta Vista).
>>Therefore a search for "Bill Clinton" would not match a meta tag "bill clinton."

>You're not taking RELEVANCY into consideration (the Golden Rule
>of search engine positioning).

>Let's say you use UPPERCASE on your site in order to catch searches for
>both lower and UPPER cases.

>Now let's be generous and say that 5% of users type their search strings
>in UPPERCASE. So, 5% of the time you'll have a really great listing for
>your chosen keywords. So far so good.

>Now let's take the other 95% of users who use lowercase. Now, your site
>will appear on all searches for your keyword, sure, but it'll be buried
>on page ten, below all the other sites using that keyword in lowercase,
>to match both the keyword *AND* the case sensitivity.

>Now are you convinced?

Thanks for the response - and I am more convinced.

Maybe, then, considering relevancy on a lowercase search - it is the better choice.

I'd still make two exceptions. First, proper nouns (been using the search engines
for two years and I'll still type in "Bill Clinton")

Second, in a crowded playing field - it might be better to catch those 5%, and a good
idea to add "HOTEL" next to "hotel."

Will have to mull this one over a bit :))

Anyway - love your site and love this board.


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