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Re: Yahoo sucks.
From Scott at Zenbeer's Realm of Drunken behavior on 21 June '98
adding to Re: Yahoo registering - first page - I think I am in trouble!! posted by Bradley

I think the biggest problem I have with Yahoo is stemming from either my use of Dreamweaver and Frontpage together,
or my use of Frontpage alone. I have a decent site, yeah yeah, we all say that...but in my case its somewhat true,
and I figured I would try to get my name listed under a certain catagory.

Despite countless efforts it all seems to come down to either luck, or having a catagory so keyholed into a specific
genre that you will automaticaly appear in the first listing (like, umm law:legal:professional services:process servers).

The more specific you go, the better that chance. Your fledgling attempts at getting under a site that lists 50 fundraising
organizations (hence, increasing their keyword count 50 fold, blah blah blah) will probably prove unsuccessful. The catagory for
process servers above were a true case example. The catagory was created after I listed my client under professional services, and
Yahoo has been IMPOSSIBLE in attempting to move this site to the process servers catagory under Yahoo.

Whether or not this has to do with the exponential growth of the web, and hence Yahoo, only compounds things further.

My advice is to keep at it, and pester the hell out of them at one week intervals with the ADD URL suggestion by Jim.


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