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Re: The Value of Straight Code ...
From Scott at Zenbeer's Realm of Drunken Behavior on 21 June '98
adding to Re: The Value of Straight Code ... posted by Max

> Different browsers do diffreent things ... some
>of them will show the big icon, others will show only a tiny
>marker. I'm using NS3.01 for Windows3.1 and is leaves the
>entire icon ... ?


No wonder you are supplying archaic HTML coding tips.

low res tags were supposed to have emliminated the nee to browse w/o graphucs, and kflex.

No offense, when is ASDL coming to N.J.?

Cable modems are south of us, but no luck on our archaic cable network up in the northern half of the state
(yeah yeah we laughed when we had cable TV first)....

I think the web was made to be graphics oriented, unforunately many site make the
mistake of bloating sites with many images (sorry I assume you had the sense to
buy a Kflex, or have the time to wait to see it when I designed it....)

Whats a worry wart to do?


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