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Re: Fixing(locking) Fonts on web pages
From Max on 21 June '98
adding to Fixing(locking) Fonts on web pages posted by Faisal

>What if I wanna make the fonts browser independent so that they appear same on every page
Print out the text, scan it and use it as a GIF. However, the pages will be extremely slow to load and
the search engines will ignore them.

>and secondly, what if I make use a font which is not windows built in, not every one would have it,
Browsers will make a guess ... but if they only have the name to go by, you can't tell what the user will see. For
example, I have two fonts named "Chicago". One is an elegant script, the other is a decorative font that looks like the
letters were shot onto the page from machine guns. I have two fonts called "Navajo": one is a decorative font in a
stylized Amerind design. The other is the font used to write the Navajo language, and it's wierd enough to have been
used in an episode of the X-FILES.
What I see, should your pages insist on Chicago or Navajo, depends on which of these fonts I have loaded.

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