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Re: The Value of Straight Code ...
From Max on 21 June '98
adding to Re: The Value of Straight Code ... posted by Scott

>WINDOWS 3.11?
>No wonder you are supplying archaic HTML coding tips.
I'd be using the graphics off mode from work, where I usually have
a direct connection to the net on the corporate T3 from a 300MHZ
Pentium-based system, or the SUN station with LYNX, or the new palm-top
and its text-only browser, or the neighbors antiquated MAC with AOL
and his 14.4 modem.
Go to the Georgia Tech surveys and see what people are REALLY using.
It's surprisingly not as advanced as us tech-types. The comfortable
place to be is behind the bleeding edge of Web toys if you want to
reach the maximum number of people.

>No offense, when is ASDL coming to N.J.?
New Jersey? I don't know.

>I think the web was made to be graphics oriented,
It was made to be OS INDEPENDENT. It works well for graphics, but the
last time I emailed Tim, he still thought the objective was to be browser
and platform independent and as widely accessible as possible,

>mistake of bloating sites with many images (sorry I assume you had the sense to
>buy a Kflex, or have the time to wait to see it when I designed it....)
Time is the currency of the Internet. If the page doesn't show its stuff within
15 seconds, I'm out of there. Unless you are rnning an art site or showing other
inherently non-graphical information like x-rays or subway maps, graphics are
just page toys.

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