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Thanks, good tip it worked!
From Bob Perlman at MauiSails Windsurf News on 14 April '98
adding to Re: Are windsurfing and windsurf two different words? Perhaps posted by Andrew

>looks like you have "windsurfing" in your keywords 6 times which may be pushing it to begin with. Some of the SE's may see windsurf as the same word. Why not try duplicating the page with a different address and replacing evey word windsurfing with windsurf, them submitting it as a different page? (give it a totaly different name, not products1.htm, AV don't like that too much)
Good tip. I just resubmitted six new pages and changed the word windsurfing to windsurf and we are already number 3 on Infoseek out of 8 gazillion pages.

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