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Re: Found interesting code in competiters website
From tami on 21 June '98
adding to Found interesting code in competiters website posted by David Notestine

>Sorry for the mess on last posting. Do not know how to type a 'less than' or 'greater than' sign and keep the board from changing it.

>Found the following code at the number one ranking of one of my searchwords. I understand the ALT part, but notice the path to the image.

>Are paths read by robots and if so are they given a higher importance?

>Would it matter if the .gif was only one pixel?

>img src="spiritual%20new%20age%20images/spiritual%20world.gif"
>alt="SPIRITUAL ENDEAVORS WWW; Spiritual, Holistic,
>Environmental Spirituality, Spiritual, Metaphysical, Metaphysics,
>NewAge, New-Age, Channeling, Channelings, Seth,
>Jane Roberts. Spiritual NewAge
>Metaphysical Channeling with Seth and
>Jane Roberts for Enlightenment.
>Spirituality, Channeling, Jane Roberts,
>Seth, and Metaphysical Enlightenment
>from Higher Self." width="99" height="76"

>Another subject:
>I notice some keyword meta tags have a space after the comma and others do not. Any difference?

>Does the following help with the SEs if a keyword is 'newage'?
>BASE HREF="http://www.moonphase.com/newage/"

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