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Re: transfer of domain to new host
From Baz on 22 June '98
adding to transfer of domain to new host posted by Peter Rotgers

Goto Internics Web Site and check the Whois database and see where you domain name is pointing.

Check that you are the Administrative contact for the domain and that the email address that you are sending the technical details template from is the same listed.

If you are not the administrative contact then you will need to get the current Admin contact to transfer control of the domain over to you

If it is still pointing to the same place then, armed with your technical details which Pair emailed to you - try filling in the on-line form for the transfer.

This should work. You may then need to ask Superb.net to remove your domain from their servers.

>I want to transfer my domain from Superb.net to Pair.com. I e-mailed Pair about this. They sent a template for Internic. I sent the template to Internic on 12 june. The same day I received an automatic reply to acknowledge that my message was received. Unfortunately today (22 june) my domain still has not been transferred. Does anybody have any advice? Thanks in advance!

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