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Re: My website - created with Frontpage 98 - your critique
From Roger Harrison on 22 June '98
adding to My website - created with Frontpage 98 - your critique posted by Bradley Blinn

>After reviewing a couple of messages posted on this board, I have come to wonder if my website that I have created with Microsoft Frontpage '98 is going to register well with the search engines....

The primary problem with search engines indexing sites created with FP9x is the FrontPage Extensions. As I stated in April, my site has been successfully indexed, and indexed again, and I have used both FP97 and FP98, and my ISP has FP extensions installed and running.

The trick is to not use FP's automated features to update your pages to the server. Instead, get an FTP program and "manually" prop your pages to your domain.

An alternative (pointed out by David Sealy) is to create your pages, then open them in NotePad and edit out the extensions. Then "manually" FTP them to your domain (before reopening them again in FP...which will screw you all over again). It's more tedious doing it this way, but you'll get the satisfaction of knowing extensions on you pages are completely gone.

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