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Re: Fixing(locking) Fonts on web pages
From Max on 22 June '98
adding to Re: Fixing(locking) Fonts on web pages posted by Faisal

>Yes! but isn't there a tag like "if browser=3 then browser=4" or something like that ?
The browser ID technique doesn't work 100% reliably. As more ISPs resort to caching, serving up browser
specific pages will be even less effective. In short, if the page in the cache was served up to MSIE6.3,
all subsequent requests for that page will get the MSIE version regardelss of what browser it is.
Even if it did work, that still doesn't solve the problem of what happens when I don't have the font
you want me to have, ot the font I call Navajo isn't the font you call Navajo.

Unless, of course, you want to buy hardware and software for me :)

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