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META keyword cheats?!?!?
From Brainwipe at Intellnet Limited on 23 June '98
I was just told bout a possible cheat for getting round the number of
keyword used in a site...
As I understand it, if you use loads of keywords (even if there not
repeated - or not repeated very much) it can peanalise your rank in
Search Engine results, and, therefore it is best to use a minimised
number of well chosen keywords...

The 'cheat' I have just been told about is as follows :
Use the only 10 keywords in it... then use the tag again with 10 more etc...
Does this actually work?
Has anyone had any negative results using this method?
Any comments please?


P.S. With regard to Web Position Analiser, is there any way of
increasing the number of Search engines it uses? Or is there any other
packages that do the same job on more Engines??

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