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Re: just a thought - An aditional idea & benifit...
From Brainwipe at Intellnet Limited on 23 June '98
adding to Re: just a thought posted by Andrew

I worying thought occurs - im told some bots don't like to
see the refresh tag! Although im not too sure about this or
if there is any specific way you can be penalised for its
use... HOWEVER...

If you are using a UNIX or LINUX system try this... (there
may be a way to do it in other OS's too (if anyone knows it
please tell!)

Create a symbolic link from an active page to where the
old page location. This would, in my opinion, be the best
way of doing a redirect as it avoids making aditional pages
and you can obviously see its a symbolic link when
administering your server!
Also it speeds things up at the users end, Instead of
opening a page that redirects you to another then opening
that target page, the server will just throw the destination
page at the user so s/he need never know... and (I hope) any
'bot reindexing your site wont find it either :-)

As always any comments are welcome so feel free to reply.
P.S. Anyone fancy a pint?


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