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Re: Pink Poodle epidemic explained: I don't think so
From Max on 24 June '98
adding to Re: Pink Poodle epidemic explained: I don't think so posted by Laurel Eby

>>Laurel -
>> Wouldn't you rather blame hackers than admit "I copied the tags from the example page"?
>>Most of the 150+ (results vary according to search site) are explanations/copies of AltaVista's
>>explanation in various languages. But there's the 15-20% that aren't.

>Max! Where's your sense of intrigue?
I left it in my black trenchcoat, in the 3rd locker to the left as you enter the Moscow subway.
When I went back to get it, it was gone. I haven't figured out what the note they left in its
place says, but I think they want 2,000,000,000 rubles for the coat.

>Anyway, check out this page: http://www.nara.gov/nara/legislative/house_guide/hgch25.html
Non-hacked explanation (and something I've done myself) is that they had a template and forgot
to change the contents of the tags to match the content of the page. If they had been truly hacked,
I think the content of the pages, all the pages, would have had totally different content. Your
mystery "pink poodle" hacker would be like a tagger who only spray painted his initials on the
underside of the park benches. They don't work that way.

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