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Re: FrontPage 98 question...
From Drew Orgell at websiter on 25 June '98
adding to FrontPage 98 question... posted by Dan Perry

If you are looking for simplifed ways to get the cool stuff to work on your websites, take a close look at Fusion by NetObjects. I have used it for almost a year and love it. It is WYSIWYG and has many CGI scripts and Java add ons that work well. The nested tables are a bit clunky to load but make for precise positioning. Strong support for rich media like shockwave and sound.

Did you know that when most deep engines like AV look at a site that has the FP server extensions turned on (to make use of the web-bots) they just leave the site unregistered because the delay of loading upsets the spiders?

If you demo NetObjects Fusion, be sure that you are looking at version 3. This gives great support to adding your own html where you want to. You will want to have a good FTP program (I like BulletProof for it's directory management tools and speed)


>I stumbled upon this site today, and all I can say is WOW. Very informative and impressive. My problem is this: I purchased FrontPage 98 yesterday, and installed it today. I know how to code HTML (my linked site was/is done by hand), but I wanted some help in the CGI arena, hence my purchase of FrontPage. After reading through the past few months of this webboard, it seems like I may have made a mistake. A few messages from last month spoke of FP98 screwing up the important files (META, title, etc.) The messages also stated something about changing your important info, and FTPing the pages, rather than using FP98 to do it for you. Could someone please respond with a step-by-step description of what needs to be done? I know how to FTP (have WS_FTP), but wouldn't this screw up the Microsoft extensions linked from the pages? I'm getting a clue on how this stuff works, but still have a long way to go. Any help will be appreciated, and, of course, constructive criticism is always welcome.

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